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Thread: Playing my primalist less and less. Already bored..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiune View Post
    And some of the reported features of them will make them almost a necessity in pvp. I believe it was called rolling fog or something to that extent. Hopefully they will come sooner than latter though having some support talents will help with the theory crafting.
    Yes, new primalist souls sound OP. So everybody will buy primalist (new souls are free, but you still need to buy the base package). And then they will be nerfed into the ground
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    Quote Originally Posted by Horgrym View Post
    I was quite excited to have a new class for pvp, which is all i play in rift.
    But i was gutted to discover only 6 souls and even worse only half the points and a lack of abilities... Partly my fault as i should have done research, but why wouldnt i expect to have the standard 76 points etc same as every other class?

    So, theres very little variety. Cant hybrid much. And im bored already.
    Feels like less than half a class.
    Feels unfinished.
    Wish i hadnt wasted my money and time.
    Definately wont be paying for the other primalist souls unless they up it to 76points and more abilities. And even then i will feel like im paying twice for something i expected in the first place.

    Disappointed in the primalist.
    I don't find them fun or interesting. My sits. And probably will never be played again.

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