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Thread: Dervish Tuning Changes Incoming..

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    Default Dervish Tuning Changes Incoming..

    Posted a little bit ago in PTS section of forums: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...ml#post5154259

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hawk View Post
    Hi all,

    While we all love our spinning overlords, Dervish has been doing a bit too much damage on live in recent days. The following changes are up on PTS now:

    - Lowered Shearing Winds from 100% weapon damage per talent point down to 80% weapon damage per talent point.
    - Reduced Dervish damaging abilities (other than Lashing Wind and Seismic Smash) by ~5.8%

    Please feel free to test this out and throw parses up. I know damage reductions are never fun to experience, but hopefully you can all appreciate the goal of keeping all DPS fairly equitable in terms of their damage potential.
    I would post feedback/commentary/parses on his original thread. Just wanted to link here so no one missed the 411.
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    Thank you for posting this. I usually don't keep up with the DEV tracker. Time to change that.
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    That sucks, they have pretty low survivability and still don't hit as hard as my paragon for example..and now being nerfed?

    I really regret paying for primalist. It's boring - 6 souls and half the points half the abilities and very little hybrid action, still buggy, squishy as turd and slowly having its DPS lowered.
    Tbh I only play mine cos I don't want to admit I made a mistake buying it...but its time to be honest with myself I think.

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    85k thats about average... Dervish looks high a lot of the time because whirling dervish hits other random stuff.

    Dont screw over the only fun spec primalist has....

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    Would be nice if the dev doing the nerfing actually played Dervish, and wasnt subject to those crying in his ear. IF there was a nerf it should have been to just Whirling Dervish not EVERY OTHER skill.

    I call this the clueless dev nerf.

    Edit: I hope this isnt because of PVP changes, but then again devs would nerf their own mother just to make people stop crying.
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    If you are going to nerf our dps specs, at least give us some ****ing utility. *Hint vulcanist hint*

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    soo , is red hawk still buffing clerics dps then? or was this to compansate for the "low" dps clerics produse...

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    would have preferred seeing a nerf to just earthfall and whirling dervish instead of all the sustain stuff, but I guess the hybrid needed a nerf too or something.


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