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Thread: Is it?

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    Default Is it?

    What do players think? Is it worth buying the Primalist soul? What are your views? I myself think no as the skill tree, talents and spells are taken from the other souls that are already available in the game.

    I will buy this soul as I have bought all the other souls and expansion packs, I am also a monthly patrion, I also believe in supporting the game devs for their hard work they put in to the game, so as to make it a better experience for us and trying to keep it fresh.

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    Primalist is pretty unique, I've been testing it for a while now and have helped make the calling better. There is still plenty of things that need to be ironed out but I'm glad we now have live access to it.

    I was pretty sceptical too at first.When I watched that preview video they released, I was thinking the exact same. Typhoon is just Stormcaller, Dervish is just Paragon, Vulcanist is just Pyro. Preserver is just a dumbed down version of Chloro. I will agree that there are similarities to existing souls but Primalist's specs don't play like any specs in the game. Each spec has several different rotations that are viable and provide similar results.

    Having to pay attention to where you are on the bar and using abilities accordingly puts a whole new dynamic into play. All our current souls and specs generally have a set rotation or a priority system. Here's an example from Vulcanist, One of my dots have fallen off and Skill Shot is coming off cooldown and requires me to be at Full Fury. If I refresh the dot now it pushes me further away from Fury thus delaying Skill Shot. These are decisions that need to be made on the fly.

    As for the skill tree, don't be turned away because of how simple it looks. The new simplistic format has paved way for more hybrids than any calling in the game so far. Often there are builds that require you to spend at least an X amount of points before that spec becomes viable. Due to this you had to spend points in fluff talents that did nothing to help your build.

    Now every point matters. The new tree's synergize better with each other. There are no longer specs that require 12 different buffs to be applied. You don't have various different versions of buffs to choose from of which you can only apply 2. These are only some of the fluff talents that have disappeared.
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