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Thread: necro/lock questions

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    Default necro/lock questions

    I am currently lvl 18 necro main lock 2nd,I dont know if im doing something wrong or what but I feel SUPER underpowered,I have great survivability but my dmg is crap,it takes forever to kill a mob.Here is my build lemme know what yall think and maybe give some other combo suggestions.

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    Try: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1zwv_.xxck0z.e

    Open up with necrosis, essence link, dark touch and grave rot. Once those are ticking throw in a couple of void bolts unitl you have either full charge or you need heals. At that point channel soul purge to heal yourself and your pet. Make sure you are using your tank pet, otherwise you will be get hit alot more than needed. Do not even cast life leech. It is a crap ability.

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    Default My Build

    This is my build...makes it super easy mode.

    Lifetap, nec, dark, etc...spike spike, squirrel if needed, soul purge...


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    Default Maybe your rotation

    I have a 29 necro/lock.

    Make sure you have 5 points in magical affinity in the lock tree to get your charge up fast.

    i use life leach, necrosis, dark touch, the instant from pyro tree and then grave rot your charge should nearly be full. then sould purge = dead whatever.

    I have no trouble downing anything.

    If your build is leaning towards pet damage then make sure you throw a plague bolt in there.

    Remember that necro/lock doesn't have burst damage. We really shine in dungeons when we have a little time to get our dots rolling. Questing should be easy. The class reminds me of levelling a lock in WoW.

    I also have a feign death which gets you out of sticky situations beautifully.

    Don't give up on the necro, he's good to go.

    I have no lag time between fights at all. Always on the go.

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