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Thread: Things I think I know about being a Necro? From a new guy

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    Default Things I think I know about being a Necro? From a new guy

    I would like to play a Necro. I really loved my Necro in EQ2. But its hard to get a read on things with out playing. (I am working threw the download now) People seem to really bash the class are far as PvP goes. And that's all I am really interested in.

    In EQ2 there was not a lot of people that played a Necro. People seemed to shy away from it for being a little harder. But when you ran into one that was played well they were in “God Mode”. I am hoping to find the same thing in this game.

    Does anyone see a chance of this being the case?


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    Doubtful - chances are if a class/soul combo becomes very dominant in PvP it will get nerfed. I wouldn't start looking for IWIN button type combos at the moment as you might get upset if it's nerfed jsut as you hit 50 ;) Just play the class you enjoy and if it turns out they suck in high-end PvP then be assured there will be lots of ppl complaining about it you can add your voice to. Currently I see a necro/lock combo as a good support & mass PvP class, 1 on 1 I'm not sure how it will pan out though - the front loading of combo points etc. can make some classes have a massive initial spike damage and a necro needs to survive a while to start doing full damage so they're at a disadvantage.

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