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Thread: PvE strictly....who wants to criticize?

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    Default PvE strictly....who wants to criticize?

    ok, this is my first build, I've played in beta 5, 6, 7 (upcoming). would someone please gimme the "yay or nay" on this build, souls 1 and 3 are stricly support obviously, but i wanna try out mage before release.

    take a look please!


    any comments are appreciated.

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    You are missing Powers in Numbers which is a flat 20% damage increase for 2 points.

    I really don't see a way to easily improve your build, without taking your dominator down 8 points. This will get rid of 10% int, which is about 3% damage increase from spell power. You also probably want the memory wipe to help yourself not pull agro, which won't be a problem with how weak Pyromancer damage is compared to other classes/souls.

    I would go something like this, if you want to go Pyro, but Stormcaller does more damage single target and AoE for PvE.


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