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Thread: Build cloro/war/necro suggestion

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    Default Build cloro/war/necro suggestion

    I Think this is a nice build with warlock as the main soul for PvE


    maxing out the warlock build seems a good idea to me and spending points in the cloro tree to get the entropic veil
    as well as getting some nice healing spell, that could be really usefull especially in solo, look good to me...

    what do you guys think? Opinions and suggestion are welcomed

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    That looks pretty good. I run the same spec, only I max the chloro, 12 points in necro for max pet I can get, and the warlock lich cause my chloro is always OOM

    I think mage wise, that is the best trio, but thats my opinion, as it opens a whole lot more options that just elemental based damage or tons of support buffs. Which hey, if thats what you like, do it, Im supportive.

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