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Thread: Greater Air vs Zealot

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    Default Greater Air vs Zealot

    Both good leveling, dps pets?

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    Zealot does the most dmg of any pet there is, except maybe greater bm pet in enraged stance. Air does very close though with that new 50% dmg buff on crystalline missiles. I found the water pet did a little more dmg than air for single targets and was better for soloing and pvp, since it snares, roots and silences. Air is great for groups though, has that spell power buff and decent AoE dmg. Then again patch notes says they nerfed water pets and all necro/ranger pet dmg while increasing their atk/crit based on gear, so who knows how it'll turn out. Druid pets got a huge increase though, they might be better than any of them now. They get +160%dmg if you go 51 in druid now!
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