Currently there is a small dilemma when it comes to playing a Pyro. As everyone knows, in order to be sufficient in PvE (or at least while leveling) the best soul to select with it would be an Elementalist.

The Elementalist provides a tank pet and is the most complimenting soul to a Pyromancer (fire, crits etc.). However even an Elementalist can only do so much for a Pyro. Once at max level is there really a reason to have that tank pet? Or should the focus shift entirely towards maximizing burst damage?

Currently as it stands, the Pyromancer is not broken, but they are most definitely not a class that "No other Ascended can match the sheer destruction at the Pyromancer’s fingertips." Far from it, Pyromancer's damage is definitely average, or beyond average at best.

The aim of starting this post is to see how a Pyromancer would be at early levels, endgame & in PvP.

From the start we can see that there are certain souls that aren't compatible with the Pyromancer at all (IMHO), like the Necromancer. And despite the Warlock giving the impression that it is not compatible with a Pyro, who is to argue that those extra dots won't efficiently bump the overall PvE damage of a Pyromancer? Then of course you have the Stormcaller which can be a double-edged sword with a Pyromancer.

Without the necessity to share builds, which classes would you select to match the Pyromancer given each situation? It's already a given that during leveling you must have Elementalist - Pyromancer.. but what about the 3rd? The aim of this is to provide an insight into which classes compliment the Pyromancer given the situation, without restricting to a single build. If possible try to provide a reason for your build selection.

Leveling (1-50): [Elementalist] [Pyromancer] [?]
PvE: [?] [Pyromancer] [?]
PvP: [?] [Pyromancer] [?]

Leveling (1-50):

I honestly believe in Elementalist for tanking Pet and boosting Pyromancers damage. As a 3rd class I would probably go as a Stormcaller, the extra damage doesn't hurt, it also provides a small amount of CC & the Elementalist pet itself should diminish the need for a full CC class.

[Elementalist] [Pyromancer] [Stormcaller]


This is a fairly tricky one, as no one has really experienced endgame PvE to determine whats effective and what isn't, but from personal experience I believe every global CD or time wasted counts. So it's absolutely vital that as a burst damage class you stick to what you know best, burst.

[Elementalist] [Pyromancer] [Stormcaller]

In another similar situation, you can focus on creating a no-downtime class. Dot till you're out then unleash the burst.

[Warlock] [Pyromancer] [Necromancer]


This is where it gets tricky, as we have the PvP Soul Archmage, and until then the Pyromancer is most definitely in need of some survivability and versatility, which in a sense forces to select the Dominator class.

[Elementalist] [Pyromancer] [Dominator]


I should note that I believe Pyromancers by themselves without the Elementalist are extremely weak, which is really hurting the class as it is.


Thanks for reading, Looking forward to reading what other people think as well.