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Thread: PvE Pyro-Archon

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    Default PvE Pyro-Archon

    This seems to make the most sense for a Pyromancer build.



    Keep Archon buffs up
    Cinder Burst on PA proc
    Flame Bolt on Wildfire proc
    Spam Fireball (1.43s cast time)
    Countdown and Inferno while moving

    Burning Cooldowns: Waning Power and Heat Wave, Internalize Charge, Earthen Barrage

    Assuming damage bonuses stack linearly, and each cast speed modifier stacks multiplicative, the passive bonuses are as follows:
    46.2% fire damage increased
    42% cast time for fire spells
    15% charge generation
    Tons of int buffs
    Fireball gets 15% crit and stacks a DoT on the target
    Fireball procs reset the cooldown for 3 Flame Bolts
    Fire spells proc ability to instant cast Cinder Blast

    There's lots of room to move points around to be more group friendly. Some of the other fire abilities might be more useful at 50, but I don't have access to the specifics on how hard they hit or how they scale with spell power. This spec shouldn't have any mana problems, and should be moderately mobile with the exception of the ground mechanic. The 3rd soul can be swapped into having a pet or having CC, in either case more points can go into improving ground for another 3% fire damage.

    This build assumes you aren't taking up primary Archon buffing duty, and also that all various buffs and effects will be utilized without redundancy. Plenty of points can be shifted, but this should be the general idea of the spec.

    Alternative Spec


    Sacrifices some damage/cast speed, a 10% damage cooldown, and a nice crit% raid buff for a pet and more crit damage. Probably better if the player has sufficient crit.
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