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Thread: New to the game... need a little insight

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    Default New to the game... need a little insight


    im new to rift and im the kind of person that plays the most striking class (IMO.).
    i got really interested with the Chloromancer and the Stormcaller.
    are there any really cool builds to have with this
    btw im more of a pve person but i like to pvp sometimes.

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    1. Stormcaller/Elementalist/Chlo
    2. You can have 4 builds for multi-specing so you don't have to just play the first three souls you put together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivandinia View Post
    im the kind of person that plays the most striking class (IMO.).
    Not to be rude or cast aspersions on you, but this line makes me strongly suspect you'd be much happier playing a rogue.


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    Default Chloro and Stormcaller builds

    I'm not sure how well Chloro and Stormcaller would go together but here are a few related builds I have been messing with:

    1) Chloro/Necro/Warlock

    With this build you get the main punch of healing and destructive spells from the chloro build with some of the best of the pet strategy from the necro build... the reason that I have warlock with so few point was to increase my charge generation, though if you wanted to put a few more points on that build Improved Leechlife and Lingering Pain would add on to a little more self healing

    2) Stormcaller/Elemental/Warlock:

    This was pretty much the only build I liked using the Stormcaller as the main soultree... However I think it would be much more affective to use it as the secondary tree[/SIZE][/SIZE]

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