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Thread: PvP Support Mage Help!

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    Default PvP Support Mage Help!


    I'm attempting to make a PvP support mage that would also be viable for 1v1 PvPing.

    So far I've decided on Archon/Pyro/Dominator.


    I like the Archon since it strongly complements Pyro (Fire Abilities), and since it provides strong support buffs for me and a group in PvP. I have Dominator since I think CC is essential for a support mage, and because I like Arresting Presence (silences enemies) and Priest's Lament (shuts down healers) and the 10% Intelligence boost.

    I'm considering moving over some points to Archon for Earthen Barrage. Eventually, I'll consider switching out Archon for Archmage when my PvP tree is maxed.

    What do you all think? I've only tried a cleric before and my last mage experience was with UO, so any tips would be appreciated .

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    I always liked Chloro/Warlock/Dominator....

    You get a ****load of group heals, Fear, and Polymorph, er , Transmogrify**

    As for damage, I think there's enough there to pull some 1v1's.
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