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Thread: How does Nature's Fury work?

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    Default How does Nature's Fury work?

    I doesn't say that it hits your target then others nearby, like a chain lightning effect. But is this how it works? or is it an AoE at the from the casters location and only strikes those near the caster?

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    Default works like chain lightning, but with huge range

    I used this a few times on my chloro/elem/dom. You cast it on a target, then it travels to other mobs, closest ones first, but it will branch out a long ways if not enough different mobs are nearby. I had to stop using it because it would often pull new mobs into the fight that I didn't want. I hope they decrease the range of the chaining/branching ability so it only hits mobs in the immediate vicinity.

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    its a chain lightning type spell and can jump pretty far between targets, anywhere from 10-15m I believe

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