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Thread: Necro/Lock/Elemental summoner?

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    Default Necro/Lock/Elemental summoner?

    I did not play a mage at all during beta but having tinkered around in the tree calculator I'm curious if this build holds any merit when compared to the straight Nec/Lock builds?


    You obviously lose out on some straight bonuses to damage but gain a huge jump to critical damage which might be nice for adding some burst to soul purge etc? Gain a slight bit extra crit chance as well. Lose some HP total but gain damage reduction. No idea how high one can get their spell crit% to but obviously the higher it goes the more potent tempest becomes. Thanks!

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    Default Ok..here goes

    First of all, thanks for posting this before trying it in game
    The one thing you need to know is that you can't crit dots...and the crit damage won't work for your pet....
    soooooo i would dump the points you have in Ele and put them into the Lock tree to help beef up your spell power etc
    like so
    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...tkuo.xjoA00qxo not quite how i'd do it, but that's a lot better than what you have
    AND you get all that increased dot/spell damage from talents and with Warlock Armor up you get another 10% boost. this would
    be far more effective that what you have there.

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