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Thread: Why no pyro/chloro builds?

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    Default Why no pyro/chloro builds?

    I've played primarily a cleric in the last two betas, and plan on making a chloro/pyro in the next beta.

    My question is, I'm seeing a lot of builds involving chloro/warlock, chloro/elementist ect, but nothing with chloro/pyro.

    Is it just a bad combination? It looks pretty good in paper to me, but then again I've never played a mage in rift.

    Thoughts from those with more experience? BTW, this build would be primarily pvp, group/solo with high DPS.
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    Default to the OP

    the reason you aren't seeing any Chloro/Pyro builds is because they have ZERO synergy.
    There is also the fact that to maintain the dps of the Pyro you HAVE to be casting fire spells, if you stop to cast life based spells...
    then gg there goes your DPS....
    They just aren't meant to do the same things and if you are going to DPS, then be a real dps...if you want to be a support/cc
    type role then definitely go for it.....just don't mix them....
    I have played extensively with the chloro AND pyro at lvl 35 in the beta and i will never roll that combo together because
    it's just not a good fit. Not saying it can't be done, just saying it shouldn't.

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