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Thread: Necro/Lock with Chloro or Dom?

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    Default Necro/Lock with Chloro or Dom?

    I know Necro main prefers the Lock/Dom combination but is there enough healing involved here for the player + allies? Or will the Chloro replacing Dom be more efficient?

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    Default to the OP

    Most people just use the Dom for the zero point cc spell that comes with picking the Dom for that comination. As for your
    question are you trying to PvP? are you solo'ing? are you grouping?

    There are pros and cons for picking Chloro and for picking Dom. The Dom would give you a zero point cc ability that lasts 30 seconds. The chloro would give you a zero point spore ability that would give you and your pet a chance to regain hps when you hit them. Although I believe that only works for the first tick of a dot and not the subsequent ticks which makes it less useful
    for a build that's designed around gradual hp loss rather than big chunky hits.

    So ultimately it just depends on what you want to do with the build. I've used both and honestly i prefer the Dom with that build
    since the ability to cc for no points spent into that soul is more use to me than the zero point chloro ability. Remember
    you have Soul Purge when you need to regain a lot of missing hps

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    My current souls are Necro/War/Pyro, my main tree is Necromancer. I am now level 29, spend most of my points in Necro and some into Warlock. Works pretty good for soloing and with adds of the same level, I used Pyro for its instance Flame bolt to finish off mobs. With Soul purge healing you and your pet, you can survive and solo pretty well.

    I do not use Necro for instance group. I change to Pyromancer main with Archon and Dominator combo, Archon for the fire crit and Dominator for the CC.

    Just sharing

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