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Thread: Harbinger's Vengeful Shock

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    Question Harbinger's Vengeful Shock

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the Harbinger soul. I have a question about Vengeful Shock. Simply put, it never procs. Perharps it never procs because somehow the enemy never dodges, blocks or resists my attacks, but it's quite unlikely. Sadly, I've found a post from 8 years ago that says the same thing.

    Is this ability bugged? And if it is, is there hope to have it fixed after freaking 8 years?

    On a completely unrelated note, Eldritch Armor. Man, what a weird mage armor. It doesn't even boosts its own soul. Why should I care about reduced cast time for cast time skills if I go full Harbinger, which has exactly 0 cast time skill?

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    If you start hitting mobs that are on a higher level than you or other players, you may get more of those opportunities for normal Vengeful Shock.

    The thing is that Harbinger consumes Charge with every Slash (you should keep Charged Blade at any time). Rift is build around combining different souls. You HAVE to pick at least one offsoul in order to spend all points and most Mage souls give some sort of cast from 0 points up.

    The go-to cast for Harbinger for the longest time was Lightning Strike. It does significantly higher damage than your slashes, gives charge back and after being used with Eldritch Armor, it gets a 0.5 sec gcd.

    You see him using Lucient Slash prepull to get the Armor up for Hailstorm at pull. Later, he juggles his Charge resource around 50% with charge generationg hardhit-casts playing a key role.

    In SL and NT, we even runned a Harbchont- a 50-50 Archon-Harbinger that used the Armor procc to fire off the Archon's buff-hardhit-casts.
    You can see the Supporter keeping up in the dps midfield due to the great synnergy of NT Harb and Archon.

    If you are leveling with Harbinger and did not use Charged Blade before-it may seem odd but you should defenitly run Charged Blade+ Eldrich

    -> On lvl 70, the Eldrich Armor becomes less important due to new ways to generate charge- which is a shame really.
    You see him having no charge issues compared to the first vid.
    And while you browse, read and find help - consider leaving a like.
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