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Thread: Is there a raid ready MA build?

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    Default Is there a raid ready MA build?

    I'm considering getting the MA soul but want to know if it's good for level 65+. I can immediately boost a character to 65 with the pack in the store but need to know if MA would be a good soul to purchase also? Basically, I can use it on my current mage as well as using it to build my new character. But is there a build using it that would be good for endgame content?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JahnK View Post
    I'm considering getting the MA soul but want to know if it's good for level 65+.
    Is it good? Yes, no doubt about that.
    Can you raid with it? Yes, no doubt about that.
    Will you be top of the charts with it? No.
    What about off-soul? Not in the most useful specs. You lose too much by swapping this in instead of something else.

    A little tip: If you look in the top right corner of the forums, there is a Search field. If you type in stuff like "Mystic Archer", you get a lot of threads containing those words. Some of them even have some useful information already posted. This way you don't have to make a thread for every question you have, as it may already have been answered and you can just read it there.
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