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Thread: Elemental Burst Bug?

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    Default Elemental Burst Bug?

    When playing 58ele sometimes I notice cycle of fire will not reset if a mob dies when hit with EB. Anyone else notice this? It's not everytime but tends to happen when mobs have low health.


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    Not-legendary-Elemental burst does not fire one , but 4separate blasts of different elemnts with fire damage being the last. When your mob dies from the first two hits (not sure which elements come first, propably earth and water), you will only recieve the cycle buff from the element which took effect on the target. So it's important to choose a target beefy enough for your EB when you want all the cycles up. Try a lvl10 mob and see yourself that you may only get one hit and cycle.

    Your dps cycle priority is:

    fire > earth > air > > water
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