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Thread: NecroLock Build

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    Default NecroLock Build

    Hey there, folks! I know not a lot of people are a fan of the NecroLock builds, especially in endgame, because of low DPS. But, I wanted to share the build I used which not only got me to 70, but I keep playing because I find it a heck of a lot of fun! I've shared it with a couple of guildies, and it's helped them get through Celestial Lands quests fairly easily.

    Before I post the build itself, let me share the pros and cons I've found about it:

    1. Survival: This build is tough when played right. Mages are inherently squishy. However, with the tank pet and the right skills use, it'll be hard to take you down in PvE.
    2. DPS Sustainability: Unlike burst DPS builds, DoT builds are built for sustained DPS rather than high nuke capability. While it's inherently lower than burst nuking, it sustains better.

    1. Low DPS: As mentioned before, this build's DPS is quite low. Very low. Even with mostly upgraded Veteran's gear, and the Eternal staff at the stage where you need to complete 25 SPE's, it's capping out at about 210K, burst, with a sustained of between 135-170K.
    2. Low Crowd Control: This build has low ability for large amounts of mobs. Three, maybe four at the absolute most is what it can handle in a solo situation. Any more than that, and you're just using your pet as fodder while you run away with your tail tucked between your legs; or they come up and bang you harder than a hammer to a nail.

    Now, time to move on to the build itself:

    Click here to look at the Soul Tree Build. If it fails to load, here is a detail of the build below:


    1. High Voltage- 3/5

    WARLOCK (41) :

    1. Magical Affinity- 5/5
    2. Improved Life Leech- 3/3
    3. Vitality- 5/5
    4. Greater Contamination- 2/2
    5. Neddra's Grasp- 1/1
    6. Seeping Corruption- 3/3
    7. Crippling Terror- 3/3
    8. Neddra's Torture- 1/1
    9. Improved Mage Armor- 5/5
    10. Dark Power- 5/5
    11. Swift Corruption- 2/2
    12. Void Decimation- 5/5
    13. Conflux (Legendary): 1/1


    NECROMANCER (32) :

    1. Death's Ally- 5/5
    2. Fresh Graves- 5/5
    3. Flesh Rot- 3/3
    4. Ghostly Power- 2/2
    5. Death's Influence- 5/5
    6. Master Chirurgeon- 1/5
    7. Corpse Talon- 1/1
    8. Improved Soul Purge- 3/3
    9. Ancient Tomb- 1/1
    10. Clattering Bones- 3/3
    11. Empty the Crypts- 1/1
    12. Deathly Collusion- 2/2

    LEGENDARIES: Desecrate


    Level 61: Overflowing Vitality
    Level 62: Healing Expertise
    Level 63: Mental Cynosure
    Level 64: Methodical Destruction
    Level 65: Ethereal Blast

    This build only has one macro. Here is how I currently have mine set up:

    #show Conflux
    cast Conflux
    cast Ethereal Blast
    cast Corpse Talon
    cast Desecrate
    cast Neddra's Grasp
    cast Neddra's Torture
    cast Defile

    Here is how I play this build:

    1. Buff with Neddra's Might and Warlock Armor

    2. Activate Contaminate, and keep an eye on charge (this increases death-based DPS, and deactivates when Charge gets too low)

    3. Primary pet is Greater Skeletal Knight (best for increasing stacks of Deathly Calling- This increases DPS and damage of Corpse Talon)

    4. Rotation: Empty the Crypts (optional, for heavier enemies) > Conflux > Necrosis > Dark Touch > [Finish the macro rotation] > Necrosis > Dark Touch > Repeat when cooldowns are up.

    4a. Use Soul purge when needed for Charge, when waiting on cooldowns, or when Pet's HP is taking a severe hit.

    4b. You shouldn't have to manually activate Leech Life. With this setup, it should activate automatically when running through the rotation (most of the time, when Soul Purge is used.)

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    This build will provide you with far better dps, enough survivability to solo effortlessly, vastly improved AoE potential, and be far more mobile. It is the Shadow Zealot Preset I made back when they were taking submissions for custom soul presets. It's not top tier dps but it won't be laughed at, it can solo quickly and efficiently, and still affords you some personal CD's to stay alive on larger pulls with mass fear and mortality. If you want another personal for "oh crap" and burst damage moments in PvE you can easily move a point in Warlock to Neddra's Essense. Also: Instant cast Consuming Agony is HUGELY fun and can chain proc. This also affords you a 1 GCD refresh in Persist so that you only have to refresh your DoT's half as often on longer fights.

    It is fun. I loved playing it back when I was playing more hardcore and it lasted me through Storm legion Raiding and the beginning of Nightmare Tide Raiding, and it has proven it's up to snuff for a non-"mainstream" build at least in IA's since I've come back.

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    I haven't played Necro in a while but if it's really advisable to play Necro or Warlock without 61 points? Don't lose too much damage without Legendary Soul Bond or Legendary Void Barrage?

    If you need more self-healing to survive, you can put an additional 11 points in the chloro and be a full-fledged healer or 11 Points in Warlock for more damage. 61 Warlock should do much more damage than 61 Necro and also provide enough self heal.

    If you don't want to play Necro or Warlock for nostalgic reasons or the 15 % damage reduce from soul bond you should use 61 Harbinger/9 Chloro/6 Arbiter for solo content anyway.

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