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Thread: Levelling Pyro 1-60 guide?

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    Default Levelling Pyro 1-60 guide?

    I have read alot about Pyro here on the forums, and was wondering if there is a levelling preference for soul combinations with Pyro.

    Thank you for your help, its greatly appreciated
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    In general I wouldn't suggest it. While it isn't too hard to level as pyro it doesn't have as much aoe or self sustain as harbinger. If you don't own the harbinger soul, then I would suggest necromancer as having a tank for yourself makes it much quicker to clear things (and much less drinking/healing).

    But if you are going to go pyro, consider grabbing some form of self healing to go with it, either chloromancer or frostkeeper. Past that, the content should not be too hard to really try anything you want (at least until lvl 60+ content).
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