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Thread: Mystic archer question

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    Default Mystic archer question

    Hello friends I wasn't sure where to post this as its sort of a bug but also just a mystic archer quirk.

    Any quest that requires the use of a disguise or costume requires changing out the mystic archer for something else in the soul tree. The speed boost buffs, like 'timeless' and 'winding paths', break the disguises instantly after trying to equip them. I've tried simply not putting points into timeless but generally winding paths will still break the outfit.

    Generally I've just got two roles set up so in the event that I need to wear a disguise I can switch roles, do quest, and than switch back.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue, and if so do you have a fix? I love soloing with my archer and it would be great if I didn't have to attempt a role change every time a quest wants me to put on a 'pretend to be bad guy' hat.

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    Default Me too

    I have the exact same issue. Had to open a ticket for every quest requiring a disguise. Although there is one quest series in Arkella that is one disguise after the other. The GMs told me they are not aware of any wide spread disguise issue and they could not advance the quest. Had to skip the quest series altogether.

    MA is fun but very buggie. Half the time if I am not on a flat surface with the mob the arrows don't hit or do any damage.

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    Happened to me every time too, but since I am so used to these added quality of life features from Trion I just changed to another role and continued on without ticketing.

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