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Thread: [Prime] Leveling (lfg) Chloro help

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    Default [Prime] Leveling (lfg) Chloro help

    So, playing on the prime server, lvl 26. Up to this point i have had no problems healing in lfg for dungeons but in Deepstrike Mines I have been having problems with keeping tanks up. Some are fine, but quite a few are impossible to keep up. The problems are with the 2nd and last bosses. They just drop so quick.

    Here's how a typical fight goes.
    Vile Spores
    Vile Spores
    Nature's touch
    Vile Spores
    -oh crap tank is almost dead already
    Wild Growth
    Vile Spores
    Nature's Tou... nvm wipe

    I feel like i have no time for things like the HoT or Radiant Spores...

    Any and all advice welcome.

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