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Thread: mage or cleric? New player with some questions

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    Default mage or cleric? New player with some questions

    I just started playing and made a mage. Which seems very weak in terms of surviving. My question to you guys is which is best mate leveling pve spec and from 20 on which spec does well in warfronts? I am not big on pyro because they seem like the typical glass cannon I like a little survivability in there. So my question is:

    1-is cleric better as a whole survival wise and dps?
    2- does mage do better when they get higher?
    3- how is mage tank die pve and pvp?im on prime and was wondering if I should save up and unlock the soul for mage? Please let me know. Was thinking about rerolling my lowbie mage and making a cleric due to me having a rogue on prime already and only allowed 2 slots. Thanks.

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    Mage is physically the weakest class.. well since it's a mage and wears cloth armor. The whole premise about mage is to be weak physically. But if you play the right spec it has probably the best soloing specs in the game. With the combination of chloro/harb and their synergy. The pair does really well together. However, until you get harb you can do chloro/sc/ele or chloro/sc/necro specs for survivability and some damage. Sc is stormcaller and is an aoe soul. So chloro for healing and stormcaller for aoe damage.


    You can try this guide. It's more for 50. The one below used in conjunction with the one above should help you for leveling.



    1. As for a comparison between mage in cleric, it's hard to tell dps wise but pyro is the second top damaging soul from pts tests at level 50. And druid is top.

    Survivability wise, mage is better than cleric.

    2. Yes and no. The problem with mage on prime is that it relies on its mage armors for many specs. And for specs like archon, chloro, and stormcaller you dont get your mage armors. Archon as a support is useless since the most powerful raid cooldown is unattainable. However, it's dps is top notch with pyro, but since you don't like it, it would probably be better to play shaman or druid on cleric.

    3. The tank order goes Prima>Rogue>Mage>Cleric>Warrior. So on prime Mage should be the second best-tanking spec. But you lose your bread and butter as Arbiter. Arbiter mit revolves around gaining shields with altering your charge. You can reduce the cooldown on the mit shields but that is taken away from you because it's 61 points in. You still get the shields, but there's downtime in between the shields. It hurts the arbiter but it can still tank.

    I don't pvp so won't give anything on that. But mystic archer, the newest mage soul can pick up the flag and port across the map faster than anyone else. So you can exploit terrain collision and spam teleports to literally be across the map before anyone can catch you.

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    When you start a cleric off they get a healing faerie and the ability to put points into healing souls. So it seems as if they are the better choice but in the mid to late game things change drastically for each calling. I would say deal with mage being squishy for a bit and reap your rewards in the mid to end game.

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    For leveling as a mage, don't bother with any other soul except Mystic Archer, so get it as soon as you can. Before that, Necromancer or Elementalist gets the job done.

    Pet spec: Elemway lv50

    Buffs: Elemental Armor
    Main pet: Earth Elem for leveling, Air Elem in dungeons

    Pet spec: Necroway lv50

    Buffs: Stone Armor
    Main pet: Knight for leveling, Revenant for dungeons

    An alternative if you prefer the necro over the elem.

    Mystic Archer lv50

    And the MA tree, ready for one-hitting mobs. Perfect for leveling, quite fine for dungeons.

    1- For leveling, everything can have survivability, with the right specs. As a cleric, Druid/Shamas/Justiciar is a common choice. As a mage, Chloromancer/Harbinger is a common choice, as well for Necro/Elem or MA. Personally I dislike the Harb/Chloroway since it gets powerful very late in the game (Reaper's Blade is 41pts...), and before that it's squishy.

    2- Well, again, it depends of the spec. Pyro, Stormcaller and Warlock are quite powerful, Necro and Elem can do the job well too.

    3- PvE side, the Arbiter do the job well, but you need to manage your charge precisely to get the full efficiency of the spec. PvP side... I won't say something, I play dominator. x)

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