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Thread: Good levelling build for returning player

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    Default Good levelling build for returning player

    Hey guys, I have recently returned to Rift after a long break from the game and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a solid levelling build. I am currently level 65 and my previous build (61 Pyromancer) lacks survivability. I have all the souls unlocked apart from Arbitier and Mystic Archer. Any help would be appreciated.


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    try pyro + 8 chloro for bloom + 7 lock
    try ele +chloro (the big earth pet + the healing cast for it. let the pet take aggro and do the tanking, keep the pet alive and do the buff casts+ some damage in between with instant casts

    When you level up pyro, it gets better.. fire storm not broken by other casts when made legendary is a nice one, legendary flame volley and fusillade.

    When you get closer to 70, full pyro can be nice with 15 lock for a lot of opportunity.

    Maybe not for the big masses, but certainly helpful with smaller groups and ST

    for anyting top dps/raid etc.. check https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...gid=1338370154

    it's a spreadsheet, so maybe a bit strange to read, but should be fairly up to date.

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    If you want to play battle mage the leafblade preset is pretty nice. Follow the forum guide and once you get the rotations and buffs down it's pretty sturdy. Very early on it's super fragile in a problem situation.

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