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Thread: Mystic Archer Broken?

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    Default Mystic Archer Broken?

    Im trying to roll mystic archer and I cant find an up to date guide on souls to take.

    Also im noticing that my MA completely stops picking up elemental arrows (whatever they are called) even when my count is almost gone, then time runs out on whats in there and I cannot pick anymore up.

    Any help would be great

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    There are no guides because it's a meh soul. It's st dps is low, but aoe is good. However, there are almost no situations to use it at all. It's okay for leveling, but harb and warlock are much better. It's only good as a tank off soul.

    Have you read your abilities? Elemental Gifts is the buff that makes you stop acquiring bolts in your quiver. All bolts collected heal you. Take it off if you want to do damage.

    I recommend chloro or stormcaller as your off souls. Chloro for healing, and stormcaller for sp/damage reduction and some aoe if you're leveling.

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