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Thread: Mage Eternal and Primary Bolts

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    Default Mage Eternal and Primary Bolts

    Is there a good reason our weapon proc is still limited to non-primary bolts? It seems odd that every other class works on ALL abilities, whereas ours is still restricted to not what 25% of our casts have to be to keep up the buff... Thoughts

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    The mage 's Eternal proc is designed to be unkempt.
    I feel that this is the same skill they have in the 64 mastery, copied by them.

    If they add the Bolt ability to the damage bonus, the EleSpec still gains damage synergy abnormally and gains too great a benefit.

    Harbinger, already out of the useful range,
    To make this available again, I think the initial configuration of the Eternal proc should change itself.

    I think it's better to get bonuses through resources like most other classes' Eternal proc.

    mage has mage's unique resource system. It is Charge.

    As with other classes, Eternal procs hope to be changed to receive a damage bonus based on the amount of charge.

    Perhaps, then, a lot of the Ele used these days may not be useful again. However, Ele is currently earning a lot of bonuses on an unusual basis.

    It has to be modified, reducing the bonus and increasing the base damage, so that balancing can be done to build the long term.

    That's also true of the Pyromancer soul we are using now.

    They have been upgraded several times since 4.0, depending on the Damage bonus at Pyro's Cynder Burst, but Pyro is again an inefficient spec when the time runs out. This is the story that Pyro's underlying SP damage factor is wrong ... but they do not continue to do the whole maintenance, but only one or two of the abilities that depend on it.
    Maybe sooner or later Harbinger's 61 ability will be awarded a damage bonus? But no matter how barking, this fragmentary correction does not keep the balance in the long run.

    Due to the prolonged and irresponsible spec design, not only the Mage but also all of Rift's soul specs have been totally destroyed.

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    I agree with skidrow, however, I had no idea there was more to each soul than what I had known. I also think it was lazy of them to copy a 64 mastery for our eternal. With that being said, again, I agree with skidrow that a better eternal proc requirement would be to utilize charge, seeing as how prima is dependant on that fury/harmony bar thing. Rogues and warriors are dependants of energy and clerics on mana. Taking the other 4 classes into account, each of their eternal weapon procs are dependent on something unique to the class. But mages have charge and isn't being utilized at all. I feel if they added a charge requirement and were able to fix many fundamental problems with how each ability interacts with other abilities/boss modifiers/situations and so on mages would be in a better spot than they are currently. They can still do good dps compared to other classes, but they still seem to be at a disadvantage. A handicap of sorts. But with Prime and it's well over a year with the same problems I think it's safe to say we won't be seeing these changes for quite some time. We can have hope though, but even that is running thin, at least for me.
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