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Thread: Mage Bugs Priority List

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    Default Mage Bugs Priority List

    I'd like to know from you which bugs bother you the most. Everyone can list up to 3 bugs. I will count and sort the mentioned bugs and create a priority list. I hope that with a priority list we can influence more in which order the mage bugs are fixed.

    Please only mention bugs for which a bug report has already been written. If there is no bug report for your problem write one before. A list of all known bugs/bug reports has been put together by Notawaifu.
    1. FIXED Legendary Neddra's Grasp: Bug Report 1, Bug Report 2, Bug Report 3 [3 votes]
    2. Planar Exhaustion: Bug Report [2 votes]
    3. Legendary Bloom: Bug Report [2 votes]
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    Thanks for your whole job and your tenacity Bamu.

    My Bugs priority list :

    1. Legendary Neddra's grasp : Bug Report 1, Bug report 2,Bug Report 3

    2.Planar Exhaustion :Bug report 1 (I'm really fed up with this)
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    1. Legendary Neddra's Grasp: Bug Report 1, Bug Report 2, Bug Report 3
    2. Planar Exhaustion: Bug Report
    3. Legendary Bloom: Bug Report

    I hope I got the links right, too much text and I'm too lazy to check lol. But these are the ones I'd like fixed in that order.
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