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Thread: Elementalist tank pet not holding threat

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    Default Elementalist tank pet not holding threat

    hi all, i'm actually leveling my mage as an elementalist, but noticed that the greater earth elemental (tank pet) is not able to hold threat properly.
    when i send him he correctly forces the target(s) to attack him, but as soon as i start some dps, the mobs come to me.
    ok ok, you can say why do you use this build, but the thread is not about that i'd like to know if someone else's experiencing it, if it's a known bug, if not alert the devs .
    thank all!

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    this is acutally a known issue which has been reported multiple times, mage pets suck at holding aggro and nothing has been done for years. dont get your hopes up

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    Not exclusive to the elementalist pet tank, my gravelord's greater skeletal actually refused to engage the ten invasions in a quest near Blackthorn, instead he just stood there admiring his blade while I held off 7 of the 10 invasions before running away, because I was neck deep in nasties. When the smoke cleared, I slapped the living snot out of Bogart.
    Just, comfortably numb....

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