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Thread: Sick of Mage's BUG.

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    Default Sick of Mage's BUG.

    4.0 It has been almost a year since the content started.

    Among the bugs mentioned in Mage's Bug reporting, there are a lot of things mentioned from the beginning of 4.0.

    The bug in Warlock, currently the flagship DPS spec of Mage, occurred after you guys fixed something,
    Because of it, Mage 's DPS has dropped considerably, and every time I do a raid, I am under tremendous stress, but you do not fix it.

    Dev seems to think that fixing bugs is even new content.

    I do not know why the feedback users are making a lot of loss.

    It seems as if Dev is forcing me to quit Rift.

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    Maybe we need to start tweeting our bug reports to Trion

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    It has been like 3 weeks that warlock's bug not getting fixed and I cant imagine how long it will take for them to fix it or just make it worse.

    I had a bad feeling about mage's dps since 4.1 patch. The eternal weapon bug was there like several months and caused mage's dps to be like a crap (unless you are really well geared) , we had ppl posted on forum but just got ignored. Finally they fixed the eternal weapon and gave us some hopes like some specs can be competitive in raid but then what we get again? - broken warlock is even worse than before.

    I havent been playing rift for too long , just started it since last christmas and always appreciated the good community here but the class balances is kinda haunting me especially it happens to my main char. I didnt even want to read those bugs listed on forum coz i will just make it feel angry.

    Pls gave me a reason to keep playing mage.
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    I don't know.. I'm only about 300k behind every other class (as pyro), which I think is fine, granted that they actually hover around 40% cp, have infusion 15 frags, actually have their focus upgraded and the trinket.

    Saying this from the parses I see with my guild over the last 5ish months of raiding.

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