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Thread: Rift Damage Calculations??

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    Hello Rift Just your friendly noob here, could someone please describe rifts damage formulas in full detail? I'd like to make my character as strong as possible (mathematical formulas would be greatly appreciated)

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    Some interesting links to the topic:

    current CP Soft Cap: 9074 (Raidbuffed), 8539 (Selfbuffed)
    current Crit Cap: 42240

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    Will try to sum it all up, but it's gotten a bit messy over the years if you ask me. And not every skill/talent works exactly like this, there are some oddities here and there. Also keep in mind not all tooltips show correct values and their description can be varied even though they end up meaning the same thing. And lastly, the game switched from 5% damage variance on certain skills to 1% variance on almost all skills, but the tooltips were never updated to reflect that.

    Ok, so it all starts here, at the base:
    Base Damage + SP * SP_Coefficient
    or in case of warrior/rogue/primalist:
    Base Damage + AP * AP_Coefficient + Wdps * Wdps_Coefficient
    This is the core of the calcualtions and it includes the Base Damage of the skill (level dependant), players SP/AP amount multiplied by skill AP/SP coefficient and in case of non casters, weapon dps and skill's weapon dps coefficient. I'll shorten this into "Base" from now on.

    When it comes to the (above) AP/SP it goes like this:
    (0.75 * Main_Stat + 0.25 * Sec._Stat) * (1 + Player_AP/SP_Bonus + Raid_AP/SP_Bonus) + Planar_Atunement + Raid_Stat_Bonus
    The Player AP/SP Bonus counts all % bonus from talents, active/passive %AP/SP skills. The Raid AP/SP Bonus comes from raid wide buffs that increase your AP/SP. And in the end there's AP/SP form Planar Atunement as well as all raid stat increases from supports.

    Similarly the (above) Wdps is calculated as:
    Weapon_dps * Player_Wdps_Bonus * Weapon_Type
    Players_Wdps_Bonus is the % bonus form talents and other passives, and Weapon_Type depends if you are using 2x one-handed weapons (in this case the number is 1.3) or if you are using two-handed weapon or only one one-handed (in which case the number is 1).

    Now that we've covered the base, other things get attached to the base formula. All of these additions are multiplicative between groups and additive inside their own group.
    Base * (1 + Player_Passive) * (1 + Player_Active) * (1 + Legendary_Skill_Buff) * (1 + Player_Debuff) * (1 + Legendary_Skill_Debuff) * Damage_Modifier * (1 + Raid_Active) * (1 + Raid_Debuff) * (1 + Legendary_Weapons_Buff) * (1 + Masteries) * (1 - Mitigation)
    Ok, now this is a loong thing, but it all follows the same principle: buffs/debuffs inside same groups are added together and then they are multplied with the rest.
    • Player_Passive: all talents and passive skills/abilities including Synergy Crystals.
    • Player_Active: all active buffs a player can put on him/her-self.
    • Legendary_Skill_Buff: all the active bonuses form Legendary Skills, sometimes they are multiplicative with eachother inside the group!
    • Player_Debuff: all debuffs on target that can be used only by player.
    • Legendary_Skill_Debuff: debuffs coming from Legendary Skills that can be used only by the player.
    • Damage_Modifier: togled skills and certain passives that reduce/increase your damage by x% (e.g. Plaguebringer from Reaver).
    • Raid_Active: all active buffs that are shared with others in party/raid.
    • Raid_Debuff: all debuffs on the target that are shared with others in party/raid.
    • Legendary_Weapons_Buff: the bonuses from Legendary Weapon raid buffs fall here. Note that for Primalists these fall into Player_Active category for some reason!
    • Masteries: all the passive/active damage bonuses provided by Masteries.
    • Mitigation: damage reduction due to targets Armor/Resist values.

    As mentioned at the begining, there are some oddities here and there and those have to be found by tests. Example being AP and Wdps contribution talents in Warrior that are multiplicative with AP_Coefficients and Wdps_Coeficients instead of additive. There are others as well but I won't mention them here since they would be only for warriors.

    For now I think the only thing left would be the Mitigation. The basic formula here is:
    Mitigation [%] = Armor / (Armor + Armor_Coefficient)
    The same goes for non physical damage (Resist). At level 65 these both were set at 15% reduction, before any other modifiers that affect them. For lvl 70+ the Resist one stayed the same, while the Armor one got increased to roughly 23% reduction.

    I believe this should cover most of it. And hopefully I didn't make mistakes writing all this down . You can also have a look at the Warrior's Spreadsheet (in my signature) and backtrace all the formulas along with some other things that may end up of interest. (The main sheet for that would be the Abilities List.)

    If you have any questions, feel free ask.
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