LInking my last thread here. Has pictures and a video.

In my search to figure out why I was in eternal combat taking damage that wasn't being reflected in my combat log, I may have stumbled as to why.

Because I'm stupid enough to use an AoE on a boss that reflects damage, I decided this may be the source of my problems. So I did it on purpose. The only time I got the never-ending combat while taking eternal damage was during these mini bosses that reflect damage.

The problem isn't that I'm using AoE on a boss that reflects damage (because I'm stupid) it's that it doesn't stop. At all. I've permanently given myself a three second DoT that isn't being recorded and doesn't seem to have a source. Death stops it, naturally. Porting doesn't stop it, unless it's to an entirely different zone. (Porting from VP to Atillu doesn't stop combat, but porting from Atillu to Meridian drops combat)

Why yes the lesson here is to not use AoE on bosses that reflect damage!