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Thread: What Mage Spec do you recommend for PVP?

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    Default What Mage Spec do you recommend for PVP?

    Hey gents!
    Which Mage spec is best for single target PVP.
    I'm looking for burst with some CC and possible self healing involved.

    Feel free to recommend a few different ones with the macros you're using as well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    61 Harbinger.

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    hahaha, Harb does do well in pve also...I think the rest of mages must have have ran offf somewhere..
    "I've had so many names, old names that only the wind and trees can pronounce" - Pan's Labyrinth

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    61 lock with 15 neco is nice.

    61 pyro is nice.

    Full FK, Full Chloro & a hybrid fk/chloro

    are the specs i play in pvp. I don't much like playing melee in pvp. Maybe its because ive always played casters and i am just better at range.

    But there is a lot that comes into being good at range.

    LOS'ing targets, Ranging targets, Staying at max range when healing, Focus firing through you're tanks/melee's, etc.
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    Please take my advise if you want to pvp heal:
    61 chloro nono, 61 fk nono, this never was viable.
    Don`t heal before reaching at least lvl 67, because fk needs 2 legendary to be effective.
    If you want to heal, use hybrids, there a few that works very well:
    38/38, 31/45, 5/31/40, 54/22.
    If you insist going deep in fk, max 51. If you insist to play chloro bring an ST healer.

    For low level I advise NOT to heal and NOT try to melee anyway, pick some pyro-ele ranged nuke and be aware of your surroundings. Warlock also OK, not as OP as it was, but deal great damage and Neddra`s essence can help to survive some nasty burst.

    Harb is OP if you geared and have enough HP. 210K HP harbs are a joke.
    Sheona/Faynee <VANEN> , <Apotheosys>

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