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Thread: Leveling Guide for New Players?

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    Default Leveling Guide for New Players?

    Is there any update mage guide for new players?
    I tried reading but most of them were posted months/years ago.

    I plan on creating a Mage that could do solo PVE and at hopefully heal at endgame PVE.


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    Rotations and priorities change dramatically leveling vs endgame.

    If you want to level swiftly, and relatively safely, I recommend Harbinger. Elementalist and Necromancer offer you the benefit of a pet to be your meat shield, and elementalist brings decent damage with it.

    Check out the mage forum for some good guides and tips http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...ge-discussion/. While leveling, most of the older guides are still fairly valid. It changes sigificantly when you start unlocking legendaries and masteries (masteries lvl 60-65, legendaries 66-70).
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