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Thread: Mage off-souls for dps or better 11 Harb / 4 Arb problem

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    Default Mage off-souls for dps or better 11 Harb / 4 Arb problem


    many of the mage dps souls require to be top dps 11 Harb / 4 Arb as off-souls. I mean 61 Harb + 61 pyro + 61 warlock etc.

    Mages have the highest ramp up time of all callings because of legendary piercing beam and legendary galvanic strike. With 61 pyro it is worse, because in addition to that we have legendary fire storm to it. In addition to that is that Pyro is the least movement friendly range ST spec in game and do the least damage of all callings. Inquisitor/Runeshaper, Tempest/Reaver and Marksman are all 100% or near 100% movement friendly and do more dps!!!

    The problem with 11 Harb / 4 Arb or legendary piercing beam and legendary galvanic strike is that they have a gcd. This issue can be solved very easy if the legedary become just ogcd damage buffs, which we can use pre-pull, like sergant's order in warrior calling or call: razorbeast in rogue calling. In additon to that should pyro legendary fire storm give a self buff that increase the damage by 30%, that would solve the problem that mobs/bosses need to stay in legendary fire storm. Would also be nice if legendary fire storm become ogcd too, since only thing that mages care is the 30% damage buff and not the fire storm cleave.

    Would like to see the changes

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    Long-ish ramp-up ? Yes. Worst for any ranged DPS ? No. MM is about the same.

    DPS-wise, a similarly-geared Pyro should be at least 20% ahead of any Cleric or Rogue ranged DPS. Warrior is a different story.

    But, you are mostly correct about movement. Fireball gives us a huge chunk of our DPS and is the proc'er for our Eternal staff.

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    Instead have Galvanic and Piercing legendaries be ethereal abilities so they benefit from 1s gcd in all specs would be a better help.

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