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Thread: Back after a long hiatus.. a few questions

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    Default Back after a long hiatus.. a few questions

    My mage is level 50, looking to level her up. Checked out a few guides but it seems there was a change to Veil that made some of the guides not-so-up-to-date anymore.

    What is the recommended guide for leveling a mage now? I see alot of posts for Harbinger, what about for non-melee mages?

    Also, what are IAs?


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    if you dont have harbinger i believe necro is getting some buffs so it should be fine for leveling

    IAs are instant adventures. basically you press . and the game sends you with a bunch of other players so do a bunch of task together. kill x number of y plant a tree, set something on fire.

    intrepid IAs are raids that have been downscaled to be completed in the same way as regular IAs. do some a bunch of task then kill a boss from raid and so on until you complete the raid if you stay for the whole thing.

    you can join and drop as you see fit and when you are donw it drops you back to where you were.

    its a fast way to level depending on your lv from what i hear.

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