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Thread: Good IA Leveling Spec

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    Default Good IA Leveling Spec

    Hey mages,

    I'm finally leveling my mage and am looking for a solid IA spec I can use.

    Right now I run Harbinger for questing and stuff, but I'd like to find a solid AOE spec so I can pull my weight in IA's. I don't see myself doing much questing as it's got the "been there, done that" feel after leveling my rogue. So whatever you guys thing would make me a solid IA contributor would be welcome advice.

    I'm currently about to be level 60 so any specs for level 60 that can excel in IA would be most appreciated. I feel I have a solid understanding of harbinger for my ST needs, but the AOE would be awesome.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I would actually still recommend 61 Harbinger for IAs. Make sure you have Luminous Weapon on though. Then you hit one enemy with Blazing Light, spread it with Lucent Slash and just spam away with some respectable aoe. Spec into Stormcaller to get Living Storm for slightly more aoe.

    Harb also has a lot of movement speed / altering abilities (like phase step) so you can also get around much quicker which I feel is important in IAs.

    Mobs move too much and die too quickly for a proper Stormcaller (aoe) spec. Plus it's limited a little by its cooldowns.
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