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Thread: What to change when going from Mage DPS to tanking?

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    Default What to change when going from Mage DPS to tanking?

    I want to have a tanking build (Arbiter/FK) to go along with my DPS (ele/pyro). I've got all the current endgame gear, upgraded, runed, orb'ed with a heavy emphasis on Crit Chance (for now.) From what I see,the potential places for change are the crystal, essences, seal and fragments. The stat priority, as I understand it, is intelligence, endurance, guard, HP. Is this all OK?

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    You generally try to get to the 10% guard cap (which usually means half your sigil plus all the best runes and seals.) This way you won't really need to have any primary slot guard fragments. Although having said that, My water fragments are both T5 guard primary as good ones are really difficult to get for that slot.

    Stat priority is End (or MaxH) above all, like way above. Then generally Intelligence, dodge, Wis, Block. But really Just HP and don't worry too much about the others. Like I use mostly PvP gear for my tank set as it has the best HP. I would use all pvp stuff if the bonus for the tank crystal wasn't so good.

    But yeah, get your pvp staff first as I think this is still better for tanking than the upcoming eternal weapon...
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