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Thread: harb/chloro discussion - LF experienced mage opinion

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    Default harb/chloro discussion - LF experienced mage opinion

    hi guys , english is not my first language plz bear with my bad spelling and grammar.

    After keyen's change on pts Feb 7th , my friend (primalist) and I went on pts and parsed for a bit. And I got the result as follows:

    PTS , live copied gear , with raid buff , with spellstone , without SS in parse:

    PTS , live copied gear :

    LIVE , actual live gear :

    and then, I mixed with some pts raid gear and I got the following result.

    PTS , mixed raid gear , with raid buff , with spellstone , highest parse without SS (sorry its not 5m) :

    PTS , mixed raid gear :

    And yes I did parse with set gear (mage cape , no frags and stuff) , and I couldn't find my screenshot. So I'll do some set gear parse with and without raid buff if needed.

    With all above , sadly I was so stupid , I forgot to screenshot my friend's parse. But his number was 470-480 fluctuating with his live gear , in aftershock build . And I'm sorry I don't know anything about primalist spec variation so I can't tell you what build he really used. As you can see my highest parse with mixed raid gear was 472st , which means if my friend uses mixed raid gear he could go even higher. Now of course, since I don't have picture to prove, it may sound a lie to some people. For that, I'll try to do another parse with my friend later on.

    With all that said, now from rift discord, keyens said the harb/chloro spec Voldii used in the video , may have to be reigned in or have a tentative fix in the future.

    The video is as follows:

    The purpose of this post is asking for any experienced mage opinions / insights about the change. In my opinion and from my own experience, reason why Vlodii being ahead for most of the time is becuz of the cleave and blademark( his dps jumped above 500 after an add comes out ). And yes I'm just assuming what he did in the video and assuming he used blademark and such , so I could probably be wrong. Again it's just my own opinion.

    In addition, since they didn't have a primalist in their group , I don't know if primalist can pull higher than harb in real fights. But since aftershock build is ranged ( iirc , spank me if I'm wrong ) , so if melee should be a bit higher in standing still dummy parse, take the fight in the video as example, wouldn't primalist be pulling even more? If so why consider to reign in/tentative fix/nerf? mages

    Yet , I was told that within 24 hours of Feb 7th pts change , Trion nerfed / changed aftershock or aftershock build related stuff again. So my info might be inaccurate. Again I'll ask my friend to parse again later on.

    Now with the "tentative fix" , I'm not sure how Trion will change it. Maybe I'm being over-worrying but after the "slightly slower" change to LER , I'm concerned that if they decide to change stuff in harb or chloro again let's say maybe change bloom's vile spore from 5 to 3 or nerf back EA passive for instance , would hurt mages a lot D:

    I'm not trying to make Trion spank primalists , I apologize if I make any primalist feels that way. I'm sorely asking for insights.

    Thanks for your time and sorry if my English confuses you. I'll add the latest parses asap if needed.
    Thank you all

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