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Thread: any interesting/fun FICTIONAL mage legendaries to share?

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    Default any interesting/fun FICTIONAL mage legendaries to share?

    hi guys. This post is just for discussion / fun. It has nothing to do about live/pts. Its all fictional.

    Although trion is basically have their legendaries set , maybe they will change the entire thing in the future, who knows? some legendaries aren't really that "legendary". Therefore I'm just sharing some initial idea of some legendaries. All are welcome to join feel free to share >w<~ . Let's be creative and maybe trion will take some of the ideas in the future. sorry in advance if i have grammatical mistakes


    legendary tempest winds
    self buff , 30s cd
    - gain tempest winds buff, for the next 10 seconds your slashing attacks will deal an additional x to y damage.


    legendary vile spores
    - each time you cast vile spore , 2 additional vile spores will cast, damage and healing done reduces by 20%.

    legendary synthesis:
    self buff , 60s cd
    - put synthesis on your target, every party or raid members within 40m of your synthesis target will gain an absorption shield 10% equal to your lifegiving veil healing when they receive your lifegiving veil healing, lasts 5 seconds.


    legendary frostkeeper's armor:
    initial effect plus
    - when your earthen barrier, frost barrier or crystal barrier target is within 10m of another ally with your barrier spells, they will gain 20% of the ally's barrier spell effect.

    legendary ground zero:
    self buff , 2 minutes cd
    - you gain ground zero buff, every party or raid members within 30m range from you will gain earthen barrier, frost barrier and crystal barrier for 10 seconds. You cannot move while ground zero is in effect.
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    Legendary Plague Bolt: (REWORK) Passive. Deals [reduced c/f non-legendary] Death damage whenever the mage's target gains a stack of Deathly Calling. 0.5s IGCD.
    Legendary Parasite: Also refreshes all other Necromancer Damage over Time abilites.

    Legendary Transference: For 4s, Dominator control and movement impairment spells cannot be interrupted or purged, and cast 50% faster.
    Legendary Split Personality: Shades now mimic Dominator spell casts instead of dealing damage.

    Legendary Point to Point: Archon Auras and Raid Support Buffs also affect allies around the totems.
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