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Thread: PTS Hotloaded Changes 1/5/2017

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    Default PTS Hotloaded Changes 1/5/2017

    Hotloaded Changes 1/5/2017

    NOTE: Hotloaded changes will not be reflected in tooltips and will be lost on a server restart unless someone pushes the hotload again.

    Legendary Fusillade now also passively increases Cinder Burst damage by 35%.

    Legendary Void Barrage DoT damage increase changed to 50%.
    Legendary Neddra's Grasp now applies Lingering Torment for 8 seconds.

    Legendary Prismatic Volley damage bonus increased to 80%

    Legendary Empyrean Ascension passive bonuses increased to 100% for Slashing attacks and 60% for Cast time Spells. Changed where they reside in the math to make the damage bonuses more consistent.

    I think the Harbinger is back in the race with this changes.

    61 Harb/9 Chloro/6 Arbiter: 330-340 K DPS (without the use of Storm Shroud)
    58 Ele/18 Pyro/0 Arbiter: 240-280 K DPS
    61 Elementalist: not yet tested
    61 Warlock: not yet tested

    Tested with full expert gear a focus with only SP essences (because they are cheap) and max level 6 fragments. My ping to the test servers is quite bad which can also have an influence on the DPS.

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    semi-off topic. I sure am starting to hate these cluttered tooltips for spells. Fireball, Cinder Burst and now Fusillade all have a load of passives and **** on them. The bandaids are really showing.


    Are there any Stormcaller changes on the pts?
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    Awwww yiiissss now if only they would nerf ranger some more.

    To be more serious though I think it would've been better to deal with the QOL issues with harb ATM and then buff them. Oh well, at least I can play harb again.
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    Buff Harb! Nerf Ranger!

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    Level 60 Rogue Siehydra (Used to be main D=)

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