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Thread: Pyromancer cinder burst bugged?

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    Default Pyromancer cinder burst bugged?

    I realised the Cinder Burst proc that comes from the Pyromancer amour is up to 14 secs and when I tried to proc it when it shows up, it doesn't let me insta cast it but requires me to channel it.

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    There are now two different procs for Cinder Burst, which is super confusing.

    1. Pyromancer's Blessing - Damaging Fire spells have a 20% chance to reset the CD on Cinder Burst, allow it to be cast instantly, and reduce its mana cost by 50%
    2. Legendary Fusillade - casts of Flame Bolt and Searing Bolt grant Surging Cinders, resetting the CD of Cinder Burst and reducing the cast time of your next Cinder Burst by 3s and increasing its damage by 50%

    The problem is that both of these appear to use the same proc notifier image. So if you proc Pyromancer's blessing, you get an 8s proc for instant cast and -mana, whereas if you ever cast Flame Bolt or Searing Bolt, you get a 15s proc for -3s cast (1.8s total) and +damage. To make things more confusing, if they BOTH proc, then you still only see one icon, but you will instant cast even if you got the 15s proc from Flame Bolt.

    Still trying to set up notifications so I know whether I can reliably instant cast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprcow View Post
    Still trying to set up notifications so I know whether I can reliably instant cast.
    Put Cinder Burst at the top of a macro that contains other instant spells you would be using anyway. Use this macro while moving. If it is an instal-cast CB, it will cast, otherwise you know it is the other proc.

    Not the best solution, but works well enough if you can't get your notifications working properly.
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    As noted above, you get a Pyromancer's Blessing buff when the instant cinder burst is available and a Surging Cinders buff for the legendary Fullisade one. It is possible to have both at same time in which case the instant CB will be used.

    Setting up a kalert for each buff seems to work best for me to track whether I can do an instant.

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