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Thread: Rhythm of the Earth and Infrigidate not working on ER (61 FK)

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    Default Rhythm of the Earth and Infrigidate not working on ER (61 FK)

    After casting Telluric Burst, only the first of two Earthen Renewals is getting its cast time reduced to 1 second. Infrigidate doesn't appear to be reducing the cast time of ER at all either. There also feels like there's some ability lag between some of the casts between Hail Blast, Telluric Burst, and Earthen Renewal... it just feels really clunky.

    I reported the issue through the bug submission thing in game, but figured I'd post it in here as well.

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    Earthen Renewal is consuming a stack at the start AND end of the cast, consuming both stacks with only 1 effect.

    Infrigidate is straight up broken and does NOTHING.

    Earthen Rapport is also seemingly broken and does absolutely nothing.

    Wouldn't be surprised if other passive were bugged as well.

    Infuse Magic received a massive nerf and is just a HoT that I guess you could throw on the tank if you don't plan on using any charge at all, it's not even powerful enough to heal a dps through raid damage in normal mode Temple of Ananke.

    Frozen Wind received a massive nerf and can no longer do any kind of relevant healing, removing any semblance of AoE healing from the soul.

    Chilling Purity is seeming broken, or at least not reliably cleansing.

    Ground Zero (If that was it's original name of the self buff) was removed as a buff, and is now a combat buff with a 2min CD and 15 second duration, it's effects are the same as the original passive ability that duplicated your Rime and Earthen Renewal on your Earthen/Frost barrier targets.

    Frostkeeper was slaughtered.

    Chloro didn't really scale.

    None of our dps souls properly scaled.

    Support was gimped.

    Mage as a whole is a desolate class.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ocho
    Also nerf bards.

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    I have same issues. 1 stack consumed when I start casting 1 stack consumed at the end of cast. Change to Ground Zero is a huge nerf and not well founded change. Cool down should be 1 min.
    Frostkeeper legendary feel lackluster, Earthen Renewal legendary also a huge nerf. I know Frostkeeper was strongest healer for PVP, but these nerfs affects PVE too. And after all these changes Frostkeepr still has no soul related mastery. We got no improvement, just nerfs and bugs.

    I experience bugs with chloromancer too: boon stacks doesn't reduce Healing Torrent cast time anymore?
    Wild Growth should has higher healing, due damage buff was removed.

    Can we have a dev comment (I can imagine they are extreme busy but still) about when we can except some improvements and bug fix please?
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