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Thread: Planar attunement points, which for elementalist?

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    Default Planar attunement points, which for elementalist?

    sorry coming back and can't remember how planar attunement works.

    What is the point spending priority? should I do Fire first because I'm an elementalist? or what plane (water, air, fire, death...) should I fill in first?

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    well you need them all but most of us with the super push to 65 now a days just focus on which speed bonus is most useful as we go

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    You will eventually get them all so order isn't terribly important. When I started out, I got all of the planar charges from each tree then focused on CP then Dex/AP (Int/SP in your case) then Str (Wis in your case) then the rest of them. If you plan on pvping, there are a bunch of useful utility/defensive points along with an additional break free in the War tree.

    Also, some of the trees require completion of two trees to unlock so keep that in mind. You can always reset the points and place them elsewhere, but it does cost 100p
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    I do not pvp but I get war before the combos because they have a lot of great stuff in there.

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