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Thread: Why is Conduit of Power a DPS loss?

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    Default Why is Conduit of Power a DPS loss?

    The guide I'm using for the 1-button elementalist cautions not to use CofP; that it is a DPS loss. But I'd be exchanging the following pet casts: 5500-6000 Air Damage (ST), 8400-9300 Air Damage (AoE) and +1600 to pet's and my attacks ... in exchange for 25% damage increase. If I easily do 70-80KDPS, that's 17,000-20,000DPS, right? How is that a loss? Not to mention that the pet is out of combat (I would guess) and then there's little chance of her dying.

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    The damage from and interaction with your pet (Electrify, procs, etc.) outweighs the gain from Conduit.

    Pets already have a low chance of dying, because they don't get hit by a lot of mechanics.

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    It seems to be fine with 61 build but is a loss if you go further into stormcaller.

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