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Thread: Controller mage?

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    Default Controller mage?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm pretty new to the game, having been trying different characters for about a week. I'm looking for some help because, while I generally like "controller" style characters, and it seems like in Rift, the Dominator is supposed to be the quintessential controller. However, I feel like the Dominator is.. well.. lacking. Only one pre-set uses Dominator and that pre-set doesn't actually put any points into it, which makes me fear that the soul is just trash. Meanwhile, dominator centered guides seem to be rare, and those that exist seem to focus on PvP (while I plan on doing PvP, I mostly do PvE). I would like to play a controller style mage, but I need help on some fun controller builds

    So what exactly is wrong with the Dominator for me? Well.. firstly I get sick of spamming Neural Prod, but that seems to be the only spammable Dominator ability. With a powerset full of instant cast, long cooldowns.. what is a Dominator supposed to use as a "filler"? Secondly, The Dominator seems extremely under-damaged.. It's the only mage class I've played where I can start attacking an enemy at max range and I actually get hit before the enemy dies.. and that's on low level basic mobs, after I get increased range.. I don't even want to talk about how useless I feel in Intrepid Adventures. So I guess what I'm saying is controller builds with decent damage output and that allow me to actually be doing something at all times would be most appreciated, but honestly I'd like to hear/try any control builds that people consider to be fun.

    Thank you

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    yes, dominator indeed is super underpowered. It's only real use in raids was the ability to drain the boss' mana/energy. Since Trion removed that mechanic from the game (due to annoyance in PVP) there is no real use for it in PVE except for some key abilities on certain bosses (Singletarget Reflect, AoE Reflect,..)

    In PVP however, I think Tank/Dominator hybrids are still common, because they aren't killable (if paired with a good healer) and I guess they still provide a lot of CC, which isn't bad to have in PVP. Atleast you will draw aggro because you annoy people, so real DDs don't get killed by the enemy team and can do DPS to bring your team to a win..

    Dominator used to be a good burst AoE DPS spec in PvE. But due to a long cooldown on its hardest hitting ability (Mass Betrayal), It's not really used to AoE anymore.

    Trion said that they're gonna rework this spec "soon", so maybe we'll see an update next year or something...
    Until then, the spec is basically useless, with the exceptions I presented..

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    Dominator has been declawed by Trion. It's purpose in raids and PVP no longer exists. They have put it on the back burner to mould away and nothing will be done for years. They think the replacement for draining is good? The AOE and single target is laughable. It is now a dead soul because it's virtually useless except as a third soul. Of course it's a free soul so won't get attention.

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    You are late to play dom a few years! Dom was top before SL, but since it is just going down on a slope, it get dumbed down, and since a few months they killed it finally by drain removal from its abilities.
    afaik it is under construction, as trion removed drain from it, and will convert it to something else. (maybe aoe dps soul or maybe not)

    You will not find quide for low lvl, simply it is not a levelling spec. Dom is for AOE and not ST spe. This was played mostly in PVP (when dom was able to drain/debuff) and in raids, to drain certain bosses.

    I will not advise to level up playing dom, because it will be slow and probably frustrating. I advise lvl up, then you can play dom. For example dom-storm a good aoe dps spe for stacked mobs.
    Myself haven't play dom since trion nerfed arresting presence.
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    Dominator doesn't have much fire power. It's supposed to be a control/support soul, but with the game-wide removal of the drain mechanic and the modification of some awesome abilities, a full dominator has little use. In raids, it tends to be used for reflects, silences (arresting presence used to be much cooler) or transmogrify.

    If you want to tinker with dominator, it's best to combine it with another soul for more DPS. If you want themed, see if you can do necromancer or warlock. It won't be a raid spec, but it should be fun to play. Necromancer is probably thematically closer to dominator.

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    CC abilities have minimal use in PvE, and as a result, Dominator is basically never used outside of PvP. Rift simply isn't the kind of game where a control archetype has a place.

    Unfortunately, if that's the playstyle that you're looking for, this may not be the game for you. If Dominator ever receives a revamp, it's very likely that it will be changed to no longer focus so heavily on CC, as it's currently a solution in search of a problem.

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    I would love for dominator to charm mobs and use them as pets. (Kind of like the coercer in eq2) it would be glorious!
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