Hey, Zaviel's Left Ball here

With the resurgence of pets in raids because of Elementalist there's a lot of lame looking pets. (The legacy Fire Elemental is the only good looking Fire pet). So here are some ideas of models to copy over and make available as pet skins. Would also be nice to have them available as separate purchases and not in a loot box unlike the Planetouched Wildes skins. Also bring those back as separate purchases too.

Elementalists: Having mastered their connection with the planes, Elementalists, can bring much more powerful allies to channel as conduits instead of the raw elements..

Air Elemental:
- Zavial Orbs
- Storm Griffon (flying)

Fire Elemental:
- Sulfurous Hound (smaller)
- Steam Elemental (smaller)

Earth Elemental:
- Kaaz'Gfuu Warrior (smaller)

Water Element:
- Akvari Deeprender

Just please make whatever, separate purchases. There is a section in the Rift store for them... Why does everything nice have to be shoved in a box. Would like to play Rift not gamble.