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Thread: Elementalist - Synergise buff removed when porting

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    Default Elementalist - Synergise buff removed when porting

    Every time I zone from one place to another, be that via a porticulum, zoning into / out of an NTE, zoning into / out of a warfront, being summoned to a rift, and so on when I arrive my Synergise buff has been removed and I have to re-cast it. As this buff requires a pet to be present, is this buff dropping because temporarily whilst I'm being ported my pet doesn't exist? Regardless, as this is supposed to be a one hour buff, it should stay active until the time runs out, not be removed due to porting.

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    Most if not all Pet buffs drop when changing zone/instance.

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    They used to have problems with pets being summoned, put away, then resummoned in a ifferent spec and persisting the pet buffs. The solution was to drop the pet buffs more often. I believe they made that change about 18 months ago.

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    Not just Synergize, but Conduit of Power (yes I'm using the Fire pet ) as well...even when you zone into the second boss in Gyel Fortress it removes it.

    Can we get a QoL fix for that? Thanks!
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