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Thread: Returning player

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    Default Returning player

    Hi all, I'm recently returning to Rift want wanted to know what mage specs are still considered pet summoning classes and would be good to level as. I really want the minion summoning feel!

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    The best spec for the minion summoning feel is Necro. Followed by Elementalist. Anything works below level 50, but in Storm Legion you'll probably want to drop Necro as currently it's not even close to the best.

    The best spec for leveling is Harbinger/Chloro (I like up to 18 chloro). Ele/Chloro might work if you want to keep the pet.

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    Honestly Rift does not have actual pet classes, not like say a pet class in EQ, but both nerco and elementalist are fine for leveling with a pet.

    I know many like nerco, because nercos can self heal and feign death, but ele is fine as well, it has a stronger pet heal, and the ele tank pet is better than the nerco tank pet.

    However, pet leveling is not the fastest way to level in this game.

    The fastest why to level in this game is to have a dps, a heal, and a tank spec. Then run random dungeons and IAs.
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