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Thread: matter of definitions (archon -> support / dominator -> offensive)

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    Default matter of definitions (archon -> support / dominator -> offensive)

    i just wanted to query the community about a feling that i had today about two mage's souls definitions.
    personally, i find not correct that dominator is considered a support soul and archon is considered an offensive soul. eventually doubts for the first, but i feel archon is the support by definition in any raid... and should need the purple flag in exchange of dominator.
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    Yeah, but for the most part it's more symantecs than anything else. Not a Mage so can't really check it out, but if you do not have a Dom spec and you have an archon spec (excluding domchon), are you able to queue as support or does it only let you queue dps? If it's the latter, I'd say that should be changed. Otherwise, it doesn't make much of a difference.
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    I think both Chloro and Archon have secondary support tags

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